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See what CR-1 Owners have to say about their new radio



 "Dear Mr. Moore-

            My radio arrived a week or so ago and I have put it through the paces. I am so entirely pleased with this radio, I cannot express to you the joy it has brought me. First thing I noticed was the cool green screen; it is responsive and gives an excellent presentation to the radio. Secondly, I heard the audio, wow, I get it now with the funny legs. The speaker provides excellent audio, especially when placed on a hard surface. 

            My first experience with receiving was the AM band. I am in Richmond and was able to receive several local stations from DC, Roanoke, and Virginia Beach. During the evening the Regional stations came in clear and I am not sure if the radio has noise quieting in the processing of the signal but it really pulled out the signal with minimal noise. I say this in comparison to my FT-450. My wife was impressed that every 10khz channel on the AM band had a station. Truly Amazing. 

            I moved on to shortwave and immediately got a transmitter in the UAE broadcasting the English service of the Radio Australian (+10). I picked up several other stations broadcasting in the Indian Ocean area. A note here the radio signal read out is important to me and the bar style readouts confuse me at times. The CR-1 provides numeric representation of the signal, so I am able to immediately know signal strength. A nice touch. 

            Another point of confusion for me is the freq ranges of the shortwave bands. I have been listening to SW for 25 + years and still do not know the parameters of the international band set. The CR-1 provides those and the amateur set, and automatically changes modes when entering the cw portions of the band. Very cool!!!!! I need this. 

            I could go on and on about the radio, but you are well aware of the thoughtful touches. It is well build and well designed. I am so pleased with it.  Well done.  

I have started sending out qsl reports and will mention my equipment every time, the CommRadio CR-1.  

Keep up the good work; I have heard rumors of a spectrum analyzer, that peaked my interest. So I look forward to updates. 

Thank You,  

John Ayres, KC4NPD"



-"Just wanted to say this is one exceptional receiver!! I have had our

 receiver about one month and have just about stopped using all my

 other receivers. It is built like a tank and is just a gem to use.

 Everything a SWL'er or Ham could want in a portable receiver and  

there is great reception.  My first night using it I was able to use in

 Turkey, Spain, Australia and was amazed how this little receiver performed.

 Easy to use, and the battery lasted quite a bit longer than I expected!! 

 Just a wonderful package for all radio fans!!

  Absolutely solid and I love it!!"



- “The CR-1 is a GEM!”



-"I just wanted you to know that the CR-1 arrived in good condition....and I am a VERY happy camper.  Really, really like the radio, a whole lot.  It is built well and very solid, is as sensitive as my HF transceiver, intuitive and very pleasant to use, has a fantastic display....very, very nice.  I truly hope that this radio is a gigantic hit for AeroStream."



- "Thanks for making my favorite radio to use, after 55 year of SWLing."



-  “I am loving this receiver.  Two of my friends have CR’1’s and it is becoming a very popular topic on our local repeater .  I do not think you could make the radio any better!”



 “Congratulations on a fine product’  I have really enjoyed the CR-1. It is definitely a keeper!”



- "The radio arrived safe and sound. I am loving the CR-1.  Build solid…and what’s more, made in the U.S.A. Thanks again!"



- "I am impressed with the radio.  I am not a hardcore enthusiast but I have been DXing almost all my life.  My favorite radio that I have been using the most was a Lowe 150, I have owned Icoms, and a Yaesu but for portability and rugged ease of use I kept favoring the Lowe. It's a regenerative receiver and is very sensitive and you can fine tune it quite well. The only problem with it is you need the skill of a safecracker to dial in a station and it's only AM.  

I found the CR-1 very easy to tune and highly selective, just a shade less sensitive than the Lowe but that could have been my antenna matching.  I tried it with a variety of antennas and it pretty much equaled the Lowe and of course, it gets VHF, UHF and broadcast FM! Truly the ideal radio!  I think the radio is well worth the money. I'm afraid it has replaced the Lowe."

                 Thanks, Kirk



- "Your CR-1 radio receiver super, for its price and size it’s the very best radio I have  worked with, it’s wonder what it can receive and what one can do with it with such a wide frequency range. I just cannot say enough good about it!!. I wish you the best in selling your product as it’s superb!"



- "This is just a short note to tell you how much I enjoy my CR-1.  This radio has exceeded my expectations and is a joy to use.  The menu system is intuitive and easy to use.  The construction is rock solid! "

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