Dropbox Link for Firmware Updates
and CTX-10 User Manual:

Latest User's Manual: Rev G  dated 01 September 2020

Latest Firmware Revision: 1349 (28 December 2020)

Occasional Firmware up-dates and or new feature up-dates are compatible with Windows PC only.

Legacy CR- 1 &1a Owner Information

Cr-1 Last Firmware Version: DSP-PIC 1993:

CR-1 DropBox Link:  https://www.dropbox.com/sh/gftxkunwlog4gp7/XN5G7CfgUF

CR-1a Last Version: DSP2000.pkg

CR-1a DropBox Link: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/xz7wiz2ibzad7so/AAAkEbefP0bpf_tHNX_YpwPda?dl=0

Note: The CR-1 and CR-1a firmwave for the internal radio features is identical. The CR-1a uses a new USB IC for I-Q spectrum viewing.

You will find the latest newsletter and instructions for up-dating your CR-1a on the DropBox site.

For questions contact: support@commradio.com